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Hello all! This is my second year letting my silkie hens hatch their eggs. Last year all hatched at either 20 or 21 days. This year the babies are not going by the book! My 1st egg hatched on day 20, my #5 egg hatched today at 20 days. Numbers 2,3 and 4 still haven't come into the world and I'm starting to worry. #2 was laid on 5/3 and #3 and 4 were laid on 5/4. I candled them all up to day 18 and all had movement. I tried to candle #2 today to see if any movement, but the egg is so dark I can't tell....the air cell is there.
Is it normal for some eggs to go longer? My one silkie was sitting on all 8 eggs until another hen went broody and I gave her the last 3 eggs so she would quit sitting on my other hen! smile.png When the last hen went broody I gave her 1 egg cause she kept stealing the eggs or the nest....stressing my original mommy out. So should I be worried? Did I do something wrong? I keep hoping maybe I was just a day or so off their due dates. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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All my silkies have hatched by day 21 - I would not let them go past 25

If the hen is sitting on them she will get up and start moving around when the hatch is complete.
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Thank you! I'll remove #2 if nothing happens by day 25. I hope I didn't mess anything up with them. The original mom has been up and around with the first baby since she hatched 5/22. But she always goes back to her eggs and gets upset if one of the other hens are on her nest.
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