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How to get fluids in my sick roo

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He is about 9 weeks old, he was fine all day yesterday then in the evening became weak and could not hold his head up. He ate and drank before he went to bed, he slept in my room. This morning he was unable to move at all. I have been giving him sugar water, electrolyte water, brewers yeast and just now nutri drench. My problem is that now he will not even swallow when I put liquids in his mouth. I'm fearful of the fluid as pirating him, I have called every local vet and nobody will see me since it's close to closing time I guess and everyone is booked. Is there any secret I don't know about? I'm so desperate, I absolutely love him and don't want him to die.
FYI, it's not Mareks, the birds have been getting treated with corrid for coccidiosis and everyone has gotten well again, he has not. I just saw a vet on Monday as well but she is out of town and cannot help. I also bought them scratch and peck starter that apparently they didn't want because they ended up starting to starve themselves not eating it, it had been a disaster. After everything I don't want him to die, everybody else has made a full recovery
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Welcome to BYC. How do you know it couldn't be Mareks? Coccidiosis can cause extreme weakness and dehydration leading to other symptoms such as lameness, and a limp neck. Has he been outside where he could have eaten something bad, or are you certain it is from being sick with cocci? Get as much fluid into him as you can using a dropper or spoon to his beak. Tube feeding him would be good if you can do that. There is a good thread called "go team tube feeding" that can teach you how. Adding water to a samll amount of feed to make it soupy can help to get him to take fluids. Raw or cooked chopped egg, tuna, and plain yogurt are all good for him. I hope he makes it.
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I just wanted to thank you so much for showing me those threads!!! I was able to save him and he's completely recovered. Thank you thank you thank you!!!
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You are welcome. Great news to hear, and thank you for the update.

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