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Need help with RIR re poop on vent

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New as member, but use resources on your site.  Urgent question re 3 year old RIR, hasn't laid in over year, but was puny earlier this week; doctored per site suggestions for symptoms.  Today she had some dried looking poop on vent, and when I went to remove it, a large wad of what appeared to be large tangled grass 5-6 inches long pulled out of her vent.  It didn't seem to stress her.  Could this bound grass material have been clogging her, or did I do the wrong thing by pulling it out?  Please hlep.  I tried to write a more detailed description of her symptoms this week, no appetite, etc. but computer shut down.  It is late and I just want to make sure it did not harm her by gently pulling that wad out that was attached to the dried poop on vent.  Thank you so much!

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Welcome to BYC. Yes, that could have been causing a blockage, and I would have also pulled it out. In fact, I would get some castor oil from Walmart or a drug store and give her 1/4 tsp orally to make her pass some more droppings. How does her crop feel, and does she have any masses in her abdomen that you can feel? I would give her some electrolyte water, and make sure that she is drinking well. You may want to only feed her some egg and yogurt until she poops again. Let us know how she is doing later.
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Thank you for replying!  When I couldn't find any post re anybody pulling something out of vent, I got worried, but she seems to be doing much better.  I have been giving electrolytes in water and plain yogurt mixed with cooked oatmeal and a pinch of epsom salt blended in since she first showing signs of something wrong (Tuesday of last week).  Also gave her some watermelon, not much.  She is drinking good and I will try the castor oil, might even have some already here. I will keep you updated.

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Happy to report that Clucking Clara is back to her beautiful self again, healthy and happy!  Although I had read all the stuff about grass getting bound in the crop, never dreamed it could also completely clog her intestinal track, and if I hadn't pulled what I thought was just some dried poop off her vent, which led to extracting this wad of grass, I think I would have lost her!  Four days of not eating, except when I injected a few servings of some cooked oatmeal mixed with plain yogurt in her mouth, had her very weak and lethargic.  I really appreciate this site and the wealth of chicken knowledge that the members share!

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Thanks for the update, and good to hear that she is doing well again. Your thread can really help others.

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