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Strange dusk activties

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At dusk I go out to lock down the coop. Our sussex has been sitting a top the coop, I thought it was just being curious but now my orpington is doing it too. They end up getting down and going into the coop. Just wonder why they are doing this? Trying to get a high roost point? They are about 14 weeks and molting their flight feathers that were cut, so have to wait a bit to cut them again.
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Yea.  They like to get as high up as they possibly can.

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Oh yes, the higher the better, esp Leghorns, :cd

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Originally Posted by Glos Girls View Post

Oh yes, the higher the better, esp Leghorns, :cd

Used to have a phoenix rooster, he would get up on the fence, then one day learned he could jump off, and get back over. He started tormenting my mom and trying to attack my blind dog soon after. Needless to say he was rehomed...

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