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Did I build in the wrong spot?

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I read a lot about chickens needing sunlight... I'm not sure how literal that is, as in direct sunlight or just daylight hours? I live in very very southern Georgia,I am closer to Florida than most places in GA lol. It is HOT and HUMID. We may have 10 days max that ever reach freezing, I'd say closer to 5 but I am no expert. We do however have many days where the feel is 100* F. Thinking of the heat, I built our (ok, I lied... DH is building our) coop under our big oak tree where it stays much cooler. I mean, our front door reaches 120* F easy during the summer, just to give you an idea. I was looking today and realized the location of the coop does not allow for sunlight. At the very end of the day there is some, as the pic shows. The sun rises behind the oak tree and sets on the front of our house, this is the most direct light (maybe a smidgen more but not much) the coop gets and it is about an hour or two a day. Did I pick a bad spot?

I was watching the babies sun bathe today and got sad realizing I may have messed up. I would love to let them wonder the yard some with me when they are older but that all depends on if I can manage to clip their wings, if they try to escape, etc lol. So they will spend a lot of time in the coop and run.

P.S. my tablet won't let me upload so I am trying to post links.!3268&authkey=!AElGYQy-iRNw_i8&v=3&ithint=photo%2cJPG!3269&authkey=!AAT4nwHlLpQkHNQ&v=3&ithint=photo%2cJPG
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It looks like they do get some dappled sunlight, huh? Mine's mostly under a tree too and they take advantage of it when they can and move along doing their regular chickeny things otherwise. I'd say when it's August it will be well worth it to have the shade.
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Yes, dappled is exactly right. Very minimal sun... I read in some articles about winter vs summer that the extra sunlight helped egg production and what not. I am sort of hoping that all the shade they get wont have a negative effect on that.

You're right though! It doesn't ever get really cold here, but the heat is deadly.
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