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One of my ducks went missing, need advice

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Hello all, I need some advice. I live in a condo, I have a big pond in front of my condo, and these two baby female mallard ducks (Thelma and Lousie) were dropped off about a year and a half ago. From what I've heard, they were pets that were no longer wanted so they were dropped off to a body of water, they were born and "raised" in s backyard, so they don't know how to fly. Since day one I've fed them and in the winter time provided them with water to keep them alive. A few weeks ago, a male mallard came around, but didn't stay long. Thelma has been missing for two weeks now, I've looked up and down for her, I don't see her nesting or anything, Lousie is heart broken and just wants to hang out with us because she is so lonely, she quacks all day and night. Any suggestions to what would've happened, remember they cannot fly. Any advice would be awesome.
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I would guess a predator got her I'm sorry.  Are her wings clipped so she cannot fly?  Mallards do fly and she may have flown off but I don't understand why the other one didn't fly away too.  There is a possibility that she will return.  Just keep an eye out for her.  Good luck.  

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Their wings are not clipped, they just do not know how to fly, I believe they were bought as pets without anyone there to teach them how to fly.
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Nobody has to teach a duck how to fly. If it is a flying breed, like a mallard, it will fly on its own.


She may have went off with the male and may or may not return. They may not have flown before because their wings were clipped and/or they were content with where they were.

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I wonder why they have never flown before then? Even during the -30 windchill weather in the winter they stuck around. I hope she didn't fly away.
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The other option is something took her if she didn't fly away. 

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I think mallards can fly on their own.  That's why they tell you to clip their wings if you don't want them flying off.   If they were happy where they were (getting enough food, water, shelter) they may have chosen not to.  Most likely she went off with the other male that came by.  It is in the middle of breeding season.

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