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Gotta nip this Roo in the bud

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Our 4 month old Buff Orpington Roo may need an attitude adjustment, or at least a reminder as to who really rules the roost. While he hasn't been physically aggressive, I have noticed he seems to be working out if I am a a Roo or hen. Our flock (14 girls, 1 boy) are free range. The last couple of days, whenever I go into the barn or the coop yard, if he sees me, he comes and lurks around to see what I'm up to, sometimes putting himself in my way in an attempt to "make me go around him". Not good. My question is, what suggestions do you folks have for deterring this behavior? What can I do to intimidate, but not provoke him, to remind him of who's really in charge here? Thanks...
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Type the first line of title below in the search column.  This is a good article here on BYC with lots of tips.  Hope it helps.


The Complete Life Cycle of a (Mostly) Happy Rooster

posted by Daisy8s on 4/30/16

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Interesting read. Thanks! Do you employ the methods recommended, and do you find they work? I'm certainly willing to give it a shot. Like I said, it's something he just started doing. Seems like I should basically ignore him, but keep an eye out, just in case...
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We don't free range but do think she gave good advice.  Our rooster (12 months old) is pretty well behaved (knock on wood) except for his mating skills ... only have four hens.  Planning to get a couple more when I can find what I want  :fl.  We have a lot of hawks around, and neighborhood dogs ... live on one acre.  Yard is fenced but have seen the neighbors huge dog climb the fence and come into our yard.

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Our boy is surprisingly agile when it comes to "getting his girl", lol! We have Austalorps and Buff Orpingtons. One of each seem to have accepted him, as they pretty much just let him do his business when he gets them. The others are still, um, adjusting. As for your neighbors's dog? Yikes. Hope that works out. Luckily, our closest neighbors are over an acre+ and we live in a farming area, so a lot of people have chickens/goats/donkeys and we all get along well. 😊
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That would be so nice to live in a neighborhood where everyone has the same kind of pets.  I don't think my neighbor even knows his dog can climb a chain link fence ... think that would be quite the surprise to him, and I have not told him.  They are a young couple (30ish) that moved into the neighborhood a couple of years ago and it is nice to see little kids playing in backyards again.  Thankfully his dog does not do it very often.


Getting ready to go to my first chicken auction on Friday ... never have been to one before so not sure what to expect.  Only want two hens to add to ours, and a few bantam hens or pullets for me.  Do you have any bantams in your flock?

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No bantams, though they are pretty. We're saving room for hatchlings and goats! 😀 Hope you find what you want at the auction. What kind are you looking to add?
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