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One imprinted duckling?

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Hi all! We got our 2 Pekin ducklings just over 2 weeks ago. They were a few days old, and they have been a messy joy since we got them, LOL! My question is, one of the ducks, "Zach", peeps loudly every time I leave, or put them in their enclosure (in the house). I figured since we got two they would keep each other company for times that I can't attend to them!? I have handled them both a lot, and frequently, since we got them. "Affie", does whatever "Zach" does. So if he comes running to me, she does too. The last few days she has also been jumping up on my lap for a quick nap before Zach does, so I am hoping she will come around and not be intimidated by humans. They both LOVE being towel dried after a quick swim in the tub.


My next question is, Zach is always chirping/peeping. Quite the chatty duckling (which I love!!). Affie is usually very quiet. In the last few days, he has been making a chirping/honking sound. Now, I have no clue of the gender of the ducklings, so Zach may actually turn out to be "Zacharina" :P But is it normal for ducklings around three weeks of age to start working on their quack? Here is a pic of the two bundles of joy :D Affie is the one just "chillin", while Zach is preening.

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Yes.  That is when my ducklings started to try to quack was around three weeks.  You won't know if your ducklings are boys or girls until around the 8 week mark.  Mine were all quacking and honking then all of the sudden one "lost its voice."  Males end up having a raspy voice, and do not quack.  Females are LOUUUUUUD quackers.  Haha!

Ducklings also get in their "scared phase" around three weeks old.  So if you end up noticing a change in behavior of them becoming scared, or jumpy it's just temporary.  They'll grow out of it. :)

Enjoy your babies!  I love mine. :)

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Wow!! Thanks, Jujjubeans2008 big_smile.png I am glad to know that I am not just being aranoide about the quacking. I am so excited to see what we have as ar as gender, not that it really matters, since we are just enjoying having them big_smile.png
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No problem!  We were really excited when they started quacking too.  We were super happy that we mostly have females.  I'm still not sure if our "male" is a male.  It has freckles on its pale beak, and doesn't have a curled tail feather yet.  So we will see.  But if you have chickens, the male ducks can mate with the hens, and kill them because their anatomy is not the same.  But our three hens to maybe one male shouldn't be too bad. :)

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So what will you do with all the eggs? I have heard duck eggs are good for baking!?!
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We will definitely use them for baking.  I'm not sure what a duck egg tastes like but maybe we will like them cooked like a chicken egg.  We have a few neighbors that want to try our ducks' eggs when they start laying. :)

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