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Chick Dies

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I have some 5-6 week old chicks and this morning I found one dead in the coop. All the others seem fine. Any thoughts on why this happens?


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Unless others start dying off, I'd guess that one was just weaker. It's always sad, but it seems to happen regularly. 

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They all seem very healthy. I just went out and found one dead in the yard. She was just drinking and fine a few hours ago. They were moved into the coop with my bantams a week ago and are essentially the same size so I thought it was a good transition (have done that in the past). I am at a loss, she was a great little bird with such personality. 

Is it something that could be causing it? Anything I need to be looking for? I do not want this to continue.

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Hmmm...weird. I'm not sure. Maybe someone else has better input. Sorry.

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If you want a definitive answer as to what caused this chick to die, take it to a lab or a vet and get a necropsy done. It will make clear what killed the chick and it will then be apparent as to what you need to do next, if anything.

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