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Button quail eggs

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My hens started laying. I got 3 eggs
I notice they don't lay on them. Is it safe to assume that won't ever happen and these eggs won't hatch? First time with button quails
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3 eggs is not enough to make a clutch, they will very rarely become broody before they have a clutch. A clutch is usually something between 6 and 12 eggs.

I have a hen that's sitting on about 14 eggs now. That's a bit too much, I don't think she can cover them completely, but as she lives with 2 other hens, it might not be her fault - the others might have continued laying eggs in her nest after she got broody.

Some people have buttons for years and never have one that becomes broody. I'd had mine for less than 3 months before the first one became broody. She had 11 eggs and got 8 chicks. That year, the 3 hens had about 25 chicks between them. This year I've already had one clutch where just 2 chicks hatched and they died within a day or so, one with 6, they are currently about 3½ weeks old, and then I have the hen that's broody again. But sometimes I also collect eggs they've never shown any interest in. In general, those are eggs that were laid in an open area. If they lay their eggs together, in a dark corner where they can't be seen very well, in my experience there is a good chance they'll go broody.

In conclusion: Chances are your hens won't incubate those eggs. But it's not impossible that they will. Looking at your cage setup and the location of the eggs in the cage, might tell you something about the probability that they'll go broody. If you don't have any confidence in estimating the probability yourself, try posting some pictures of your setup and the location of the eggs, along with some more details like the age of your quail, the number you keep together, how long you've had them and such.

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Oh wow thank you very much
I have had them for about a month now. They are going on 8 months old.
I have three. Two hens and one male tho the male seem to be more aggressive with the other hen.
The tank doesn't have a lot of stuff in it. I'll post up some pics.
They often move the eggs around.
right now they are in the left corner.
Luna is the all black with white tips on the wings, she is right behind zelda. I thought she was a male becayse a use lucifer (with the the Bib and red chest) chases her from time to time.
Zelda is the all white/silver standing beside Luna.
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The eggs are in the corner bow Bear the hut on the left..
For w.e reason , it won't let me upload anymore pucs
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On a dark colored button quail, the males will always have rust colored feathers around the vent and the females won't, so it should be very easy to tell whether Luna is female.

From your description, I don't think they are going to sit on the eggs. First of all, you haven't had them for very long, secondly the male is chasing one of the females meaning there is a certain amount of stress involved. And then there is the enclosure, which doesn't really have any good nesting sites - the hut in the far left corner might work if the birds would enter it and lay their eggs in there, but I have tried something similar and mine didn't so I'm guessing yours won't either. Also, the eggs are out in the open and being moved around, rather than in a nest - some people say button quail will lay their eggs all over, then decide on a place to nest and gather all the eggs in this nest, but mine never have. They will only incubate the eggs that are laid in the nest or possibly gather eggs within 10 inches or so from the nest. 

My buttons seem to prefer making their nest behind spruce branches, so if you have any of these, you can try placing some in the two far corners, trying to make it as dark as possible there. Change the branches as they loose their needles, unless there is a nest behind them - then I wouldn't disturb them, unless the nest has 12+ eggs and there is still no broody hen. With 12+ eggs, you can remove them all, place a new branch if needed and let them start on a new clutch and hope they'll go broody.

If they are not using the hut (apart from parching on it), I'd remove it, it's taking up a lot of room.

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