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So unsure what to do.

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I just went out to change water and check for eggs and one of my hens was laying there dead. She wasn't stiff yet but still have no clue what could have happened to her. Now  I'm worried about if anything could be wrong with my other hens. I just got these chickens last year (don't think it's even been a year yet) and am not even sure how old they are. Feeling really out of my element right now and just don't know what to do. :-(

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Sorry for your loss. It is common to lose a chicken once in awhile. Sometimes they may have an ailment that isn't apparent unless you spend a lot of time with them. Some can go about their daily activites and just drop dead. Heart failure can happen, and liver or kidney disease are sometimes problems. There are several reproductive diseases that are very common in chickens, including internal laying, egg yolk peritonitis, and cancer. They can become egg bound, they may spend a lot of time in a nest box with that. Does she appear to have lost weight in her breast area? Can you feel inside her vent for a stuck egg. Is her crop full and hard or like a balloon? Did you notice any evidence of lice or mites? Had she been wormed? Was she eating and drinking? Did you notice her droppings? These are some of the things to look for in a sick chicken. Hot temperatures in coops or chicken yards this time of year can sometimes cause heat stroke, especially if they are not drinking enough or being kept from water by bullying. If you refrigerate her body, you can get a necropsy done in Texas in one of several places, or by contacting your state vet or local extension agent.
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We've had quite a bit of rain here the past few days and when I went out yesterday they all followed me around as I checked for eggs and whatnot just as usual. They all appeared to be just fine. I have a feeder that I keep filled and a pool for the ducks as well as a community water pan for drinking. Being new to this and honestly not knowing which hen lays which egg, I have no clue if she had issues with laying. Under her wing it looked fatty though and I wondered if the turkey or one of the other chickens had pecked at her while she was lying there. I haven't had time to spend out with them lately as my 3 year old broke his leg and with the wet weather it keeps us inside. Last Saturday I let them roam for a couple hours and they all had a nice dirt bath. One of them did catch and eat a frog. I'm sorry to say I am not even sure which one it was. Just found it amusing to watch her run off to eat her catch as she kept if from the others.



Now noticed my turkey has lost his breast feathers. Wasn't sure if he was molting or something as he didn't do so when the hens did at the end of last summer. Think I should I be concerned and maybe move him from the chicken yard? He was raised with this group and I got him when I got them.

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