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Tiny egg

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We found this egg just outside the coop door today and have no idea where it came from or who. We have 3 10 week old call ducks. 12 10wk old pullets. 2 8 wk old pullets. And 8 1.5 y/o hens. Two of the 8 hens haven't laid an egg in quite a while now maybe two months. Any ideas where this egg came from?
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Um it just looks like a lash egg so maybe your chickens is going to start laying again they can be laid anytime mostly when the hens start back into laying again. They can be hollow, lack of color, thin shell, and odd shape
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That's an odd color what all breeds of chickens and ducks do you have. If you don't have any breeds that would lay that color maybe it's just from a wild bird.
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I read somewhere on here that those little eggs are darker because they get the same amount of pigment that the big one would have. I got one of these from my black australorp
It is much darker than any egg any of my chickens have laid.
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It looks like a fairy egg! Crack it open- it might not have a yolk. There's nothing wrong, just a little chicken 'glitch'. 

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