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Survivors of Predator Attacks

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Hi All, Forgive me if this has been covered but I can't find the answer to my question. I have 2 "new to me" hens. I've ben told that they are around 16 months old. They are being held separate from my current 7 girls for now. These 2 (Buff Orpingtons, I believe), were originally part of a flock of 9 or 10. All the rest were taken by predators, a hawk and coyotes, I was told. These 2 remaining birds are pretty scroungy looking. One has almost no neck feathers and is missing the feathers from the tops (shoulders) of both wings and from a patch on her breast. The other is scruffy and has no tail feathers. I got them 3 days ago and have gotten eggs from both each day. I'm not seeing any mites or sign of disease except for some runny poop. I think that might have been from the stress of the move. I gather that they spent a night and most of a day in a series of cardboard boxes just big enough for the 2 of them. They are not particularly skittish and started scratching the dirt and looking around as soon as they got out of the box. They are drinking and eating. I feed organic lay pellets, beer grain as a treat

and my birds get the run of the yard most days. These new girls have a generous pen with a small coop and nest boxes. I'm not planning to turn them loose for a couple of weeks at least.

I guess my big question is whether the stress from predator attacks and the drastic changes in the flock can bring on a hard molt like the one is going through? Thanks!

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Are you certain they are molting and didn't lose their feathers in the attacks? My Rooster looked fairly worn after I had a dog attack. He survived, his tail feathers did not.
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No, I'm not sure. That's possible too. So far, the poor things look ridiculous but seem to be unaffected otherwise. I got two more eggs this morning. I've named one "Stumpy" for her missing tail and the other is "Gobblin" for now.It's a cross between a little monster (for her feisty personality) and the word Gobble because with her nearly naked neck, she looks like a turkey. 

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Well I do think stress can cause molting, but as long as they don't have mites, there is little to do about either. Maybe just feed them some high protein feed for now and see if more feathers are lost or if they just stay their ragged selves.
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