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My hen has a limp and a bump

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I got a hen from auction yesterday. She was labeled with a bad leg. I felt bad so I bid on her. ($2.50) for a beautiful hen! She is completely black! Almost black comb and waddles....anyway, once I got her home I checked her out. She has a small bump on the pad of her foot. I was thinking bumble foot, but it's not hard, nor is there a scab or any sign of a cut or anything on the foot....she walks, but with a limp. I'm keeping her in a dog crate so the foot stays clean. I've been putting bag balm on it to hopefully soften anything that could be a scab. But i don't know what it is or what to do. Any input would be greatly appreciated.
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Can you post photos of the bird and the foot or a video of her actions?


Keep her isolated/quarantined so you can observe her for any signs of respiratory illness, diseases, worms or parasites. Practicing bio-security between her and any existing flock(s) you may have.

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I can get photos now. Yes she is in a dog crate by herself right now
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Since she was "labeled" with a bad leg, it could be that she has been like this for some time. An injury or even some illnesses can cause them have a limp or be lame.

The bump/lump is hard to see, but I don't see any bumblefoot. You can soak her feet in a warm epsom salt bath to see if it helps any and the bag balm won't hurt.

Watch for signs of inflammation, redness, swelling or oozing, but it doesn't really look "angry" either.


Can you get a better picture of her and her wattles and comb?

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That was my same conclusion....she's getting bag balm on it at night. And I've been giving her vitamin supplements in her water. So I'm glad someone agrees with me it's not bumble foot
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The vitamins in her water is a great idea.

It looks like she is getting some well deserved TLC :)

I hope she does well and you have no problems.

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I let her out to roam the barn today. She's looking a bit stiff so I'm gonna let her stretch the leg a little bit and lock her back up at night.
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