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If you made the artificial pop in the air cell there shouldn't have been blood. But like I said, just keep calm and leave join alone for a while.
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If there is a lot of movement just leave him. He should be able to pop out by himself! Take a damp paper towel and put it around the egg (keep the pip hole clear) and let him alone. Keep us updated and DONT PANIC!
Even if it hasn't pipped through the membrane? I'm worried it's going to get shrink wrapped. I missed the inside of the incubator and outside of the egg before I left. My humidity doesn't seem to get a over 69% right now. I'm so nervous.
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My general rule is to never ever touch the inner membrane. Just keep the damp paper towel with it, and wait until tomorrow. If tomorrow it's still not making any progress, I'd say cap it like in my original post. Just don't touch the inner membrane (The clear one with veins). And make sure only to cap the air cell and no lower!!

I'm sure lots of people would disagree with my methods, but I prefer to guve them a chance rather than let them just die in the shell!
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