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Help! My ducks bill is going a bit weird!

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I went outside to check on my Duck Ginger when i noticed his bill was going a little weird, it wasn't like this in the morning but when it started raining a lot and he had spent a long time in the pool, i went out to check on him and noticed his bill had changed. Here are some pictures. As you can see, it wasn't like that before, plz help.

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Any replies? I'm very worried about my duck because i have already lost one of my ducks.:( 

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Is it lack of nutrition?

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sorry if i posted this thread to the wrong forum, im just a little scared because he's been acting a litte strange.

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Are there any chemicals in the pool water? Those could be contributing to the issue. Perhaps the duck whacked his bill on something that caused the outer layers to crack.

A scaly bill can be caused by mites, but I wouldn't expect that to be the case here. My recommendation would be to visit a veterinarian.

In the meantime, continue to monitor his behavior and make sure that he's eating, drinking and preening himself. If his overall behavior changes, then he may be in distress and need to see a vet right away.

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