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I have 4 chicks that are all supposed to be female gold and silver laced wyandottes. They have all started to developed red combs/waddles and the one that I'm not sure is a Wyandotte has a pretty large straight comb. I'm not familiar with this breed and was wondering if the red coloration means male? Also two of them are developing little bumps at the top of their combs. Any help would be deeply appreciated! Hope I have all girls!!
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How old? I'm leaning towards cockerels though they are to young to say for sure.

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2 weeks. I'm normally right about genders and I'm not liking what I'm thinking. sad.png only one looks like it MIGHT be a hen.
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2 weeks? My thought is cockerels as well :(

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Aww that's so sad sad.png okay thank you!
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