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Can anyone shed some light on guinea behavior and hills?  I am raising 16 keets - not out free ranging yet - and we have 1 adult, who just started free ranging. 


Our property (10 acres) is in the middle of a hill.  I'm finding that the adult keeps heading up the hill.  The majority of our property is downhill. 


Is there something in their natural make up that makes them want to go up rather than downhill?  If so, I'm concerned that once the flock starts to free range, they will head uphill and be gone. 


Anyone else have the same experience or willing to share ideas?  Thanks!

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How old is the adult? Guinea fowl imprint deeply on the first home they know. They do need to be kept contained for a few weeks or even months before they are allowed to free range. Even if you do, if you get them as adults, they may always try to find their way back 'home'.

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The adult is a year old and we've had him for a month.  He was in the coop for 1 1/2 weeks and then in between the coop and a covered run for another 2 1/2 weeks.  So about a month total before being let out. 

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Do you know if he was allowed to free range or if he was kept contained his whole life? If he was free ranging somewhere else, he's going to keep trying to go back.


I'd keep him contained where you eventually want all the birds to roost, for several months. When your young ones are a little older, maybe around 6-8 weeks (if it's warm enough at night) move them in with him.


They are the majority so if you don't introduce until they are fully grown, they will gang up on him. 

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Then, when your little ones are ready to free range, he will be too.

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And he is probably heading up the hill so he can have the vantage point to look for his old home.

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He was a free ranger with a mixed flock of ducks and chicks.  There was only one other guinea fowl with him.  At this point, he's taken off and we haven't seen him in a couple of days.  Mixing with the keets may be a moot point if he doesn't return.  If he does, I'll just keep him in the coop until the keets can join him and are old enough to range.  Thanks for your thoughts on this.

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Awwh :( I'm sorry to hear it. Hope he comes back.

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Originally Posted by Starseed View Post

Awwh :( I'm sorry to hear it. Hope he comes back.

Thanks, I'll keep you posted if he returns... the one good thing is that we have two neighbors up the road with guinea fowl.  I let them know and if he should appear with their flocks, I know he'll be well taken care of.

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Hopefully he'll be drawn to their flock.

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