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Greymane sets 2 pints of ale on the table. He spreads the fresh cheese on the coarse bread thickly. He pulls out a small jar of wild berry jam, setting it down near the fat slices of bread. There is porridge on the table too.
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( I grew up in Montana. Been here most my life. Great great grandparents emigrated here from Belgium and homesteaded in 1910. Technically, its cattle country, like where the buffalo were, but my mother's parents lived in more mountainous regions. So yeah, I grew up learning how to live from the land, and I read a lot about traditional diets from European woodsmen and I know what we eat out here in the country and whatnot. My family didn't even get electricity until the 1960s.)
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Elle picks up the dust pan and strolls over to the side table. She grabs the handle of her sword and spins it around in her hand, checking it over for any scuffs or marks. Feeling a new surge of confidence she swings the blade down towards the ground "en garde!" She shouts, leaping forward and plunging the sword deep into the heart of the imaginary reaper. "You took me for a fool" she exclaims retracting her arm and resting the blade on her shoulder, a smug look on her face. She puffs out her chest and walks leisurely over to her fallen foe. "Now who's the fool?" She grins and steps back, sliding her sword back into its sheath before making her way to the stairs, looking back at Lilith one last time before descending.
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(Wow sounds like you had an interesting childhood. It certainly seems to have helped you in story writing big_smile.png)
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( let's hope it helps. Everyone has something to bring to the table) Greymane watches Elle decend the stairs. " After lunch, I have some more work to outside. You may join me after you repair your pants. I got the sewing kit down for you. " He looks over at the current place set for Elle. " You know, if you decide you are going to stay here, I will have to build you your own corner in the loft for you to sleep. I have a feeling you will feel safer if you have your own space. Of course, you will have to help construct your room, but I am sure you can help with the addition. This also depends on your plans on where you go from here." He looks at her inquisitively.
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Elle places the dustpan on the table, pulls out her chair and flops down onto it, stretching her arms above her head and yawning. She looks over at greymane "I never got the chance to properly clean myself up" she glances at the window. "Look at that its raining again.." She rolls her eyes dramatically and sighs. "I'd feel safer if I wasn't sleeping next to a bloodsucker.." She mutters taking a sip of ale.
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Greymane's ear twitches." I still think you should talk to her when she wakes. She might not be what you expect." Greymane eats, cleaning his plate. " Dinner is going to be great tonight. I have several deer loins!" He watches the rain coming down. " Well, I'd better get the drying racks out if it's gonna do that. Excuse me." He pushes away from the table to swiftly move the drying racks under the eaves out of the summer rain before the meat and apples were spoilt.
He comes back inside to clear lunch away, then proceeds to start on some more work that needed doing. Feeding and milking the goat again, checking fences, working the garden, then foraging the forest for herbs, fruits and various seasonal edibles. The billy goat had a bell that tinkled dully every time he trotted about, leading the milk goat and her kid. Even with the rain, the goats were glad for the little edibles that Greymane brought them. He was working on finishing up a more secure lockup for them at night, as the forest was not safe, and even less safe at night.
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(I gotta work in the morning and it's 10 at night here, so I will see you around! Exciting!)
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Elle quickly wolfs down her lunch, pushing her chair back and clutching at her bulging stomach. She closes her eyes and listens to the rain battering against the house. "Why can't I feel this way all the time?" She groans and rolls herself from the seat, planting her feet back on the ground and straightening herself up. She takes a quick swig of her ale and heads out towards the door. Bracing herself, she turns the handle and pulls it open, following greymane out into the clearing. The rain hits her like an icy wave and she shivers, pulling the hood of her coat over her head, the wolf ears blowing gently in the wind. She tugs the door shut behind her, mutters something under her breath and begins walking back over to the basin. She sees her boots and socks heaped on the ground, of course now much wetter than when she left them. "Oh great" she says sarcastically raising her eyebrows. She bends down to pick up her socks, they've absorbed the water like sponges. She wrings them out and shoves them in her pockets.
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(Oh, bit late now but sleep well smile.png, it's 6am here lol)
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