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Mine did this for over a week and a half. After the first 4 or 5 days I would put them on a roost and they would run back to their corner. I finally put a short roost on two cinder blocks in that corner and they piled up on it! LOL Now after 2 weeks some are roosting on the high roosts and a couple still on the corner short roost. It really bugged me at first because the corner they were piling into was the location of the old pop door and I felt it was the weakest spot in the coop. We reinforced that and I just left them alone. As everyone told me at the time....they just do what they want to do. It does look ridiculous and incredibly hot but I think if it was too uncomfortable they wouldn't do it. They still squabble and fuss every night as they go to roost. I just figure they are still working out the dynamics of their flock and deciding who they want to sleep next to. Silly chickens. smile.png
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How high are they...easy to get up to and down from?


First one is 3' from the floor then two horizontal feet and 1 vertical foot to the next and then one more up. So 3, 4, and 5 feet. Ramps to  to the first then the first to the second and second to third. The birds that get on go up and down the ramps or sometimes fly down if they get impatient in the morning.


I'm not sure how they get up to the rafter but they fly down.

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