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Duck/Chick mix ?

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I have a baby chicken that will always have a leg issue. I cannot risk a rooster mounting her one day. Therefore I have cleared out all other baby chicks she was born with. Unfortunately out of 18 babies- 16 were freaking roosters!! Grrrr. So now shes lonely and needs a couple more friends. How do ducks and chickens mix? She is 3 months old- so i would get a duck of the same age. How are ducks temperaments as adults?? Will male ducks mount hens??
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Hi there!

All baby poultry seem to be very nice to each other at the early stages.Fortunatley, it is possible to keep ducks with hens, ducks are very docile birds and they seem to be very nice. I would recommend you get a Pekin duck, their one of the most docile and tame duck species out there; they are also very enjoyable as ducklings. The only thing Is I'd get only get one duckling, if you get a few ducklings and they lived with your hen your chick might be bullied because she is different. One duck and one chicken would balance everything out. And yes chickens and ducks can live in he same coop, although notice that ducks like to swim in whatever they can fit themselves in, so a water bowl wouldn't be good for drinking source, so I would recommend a water feeder so both birds can have equal water supply. One more thing, make sure you have a spacious and appropriate coop so each bird is healthy and happy! I don't think a male would dominate over a hen considering that male ducks are actually more docile then female ducks.

Best of luck!
Sunshine Ducky
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They would each be free range. Because of Lilys messed up (genetic defect) leg, I cant risk a rooster mounting her. As long as the duck is sweet and wont mount- ill try it out. Thanks! And yes- the spoiled duckling would have a kiddie pool :-)
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