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I have been treating my chickens for cocci for 3 days. Most seem better today. I have lost 3 though. I keep hearing this strange squeaky noise. I thought it was a lil roo trying to crow. They are around 9 weeks. I have seen some swipe their beaks on the ground. I have not noticed any discharge. Could i give them doxycycline?? Along with the corid? Im new to chickens. I have 100 mg packets of doxycycline. What would the dose be and how many days. I dont want to loose any more.
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Can you post a video of the strange squeaky noise?


Personally I would finish the Corid before giving anything else. After the Corid dosage (5-7 day) you can give some probiotics and poultry vitamins for a couple of days.


IMO If you are not seeing any signs of nasal/eye discharge, coughing, wheezing, sneezing or any other issues of respiratory illness then I would not treat with antibiotics.


Chickens will normally wipe their beaks on the ground, bedding, coop, wood, your pants legs, shoes, etc., to clean off their beaks after eating, drinking or when they have been digging a hole.

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