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Emergency help needed please

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I walked outside this morning to find one of my 10 week old red rangers on its back convulsing. They have never shown any sign of sickness and she is still laying on her back with minor labored breathing. I'm getting ready to cUll her but is this something I should be concerned with the rest of my flock? I have absolutely no idea what happened. She's just on her back with eyes closed feet in air breathing slightly heavy and when I go to touch her pick her up she starts to shake.
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I'm so sorry.


Unfortunately there is no way to determine what caused her death.

Sometimes it just happens or it  could have been caused by an illness/disease or some other development disorder.

You can contact your local agricultural agent or you state lab to see where to send her for necropsy. This may help identify if there is any disease/illness in your flock.

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