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Coop size?

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Is it possible that a coop can be too big? I wanted to make my coop as cheaply as possible so the plan was to convert an old building on the property. What started as a old grain silo has now turned into a 20x20 coop. The problem I'm having is that half my birds won't ever leave the building even after living in it for over 3 months. they love sitting in the doors and windows looking out and relaxing in the sun but never venture out into the grass. The only explanation I can see is that they feel safe in there and with food, water, roost, nesting boxes, dust bath. With so much room they just never feel the need to venture out. I have tried moving the food and water out but they just scratch the litter to get what they need. Just for information purposes I have 18 birds in 2 coops. The smaller coop 20x5 contain half the flock from the same original stock and does not have this problem. I will be slowly adding more birds hence the bigger size but should I section part of it off till then?
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Chickens are creatures of habit, and its not easy to break. Maybe if you keep the water and food outside (but within sight) for a few days, they will be forced to go outside, and thus get used to being outside. A bit of gentle "herding" may facilitate this process. Thats, probably what i would do, at least. I'm sure others may have some suggestions. 


Good luck


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