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I took a new pic just now and attached it here.  I apologize, I am not too good on the computer.  I really appreciate your help. I've never had a baby goose before so this is all new to me.  I've had baby ducks and chicks without seeing this issue.  I just want to do the best I can for this baby.  It looks like black feathers peeping out of the feather shaft.  Do you think I should wait or try to wrap.

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Angel wing.  I've had lines that develop this and lines that do not ever get this. 


If that was my gosling, I would wrap it right away.  I've had some wrapped for two days and it fixed. Others I kept for two weeks.  


If you let that continue, the harder it will be to fix. And it cannot be fixed when he/she grows up...


I use those medical Self-adhesive Compression Bandage Wrap from Walgreen / CVS or you can get the ones for horses it works the same and your local feed supply (assuming they sell horse stuff too) might have it.


Once you get the wraps, it's a matter of technique to wrap the wings to her body so she can't slip the wing out or cause weird angles.  I'd buy extra if you mess up too many times, because those don't stick well after a while if you keep retrying from all the feather dust particles getting on it.


You also don't want to cut the feathers they are full of blood at the moment.

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Thank you very much.  I will do my best.

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