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Need help or advice

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I have chickens from 4 months & down. A few days ago we had heavy rain for 2 days now some of my chicks the 4 month olds are sneezing some have stopped but some still are & there has been no discharge from nostrils until today one of the younger ones that is a pet likes to be held while I was holding her she sneezed & clear watery like came out. Could it be a cold? What should I do? There are no other symptoms.
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Welcome to BYC. Make sure that your coop ventilation is good and that there is no ammonia odors from droppings. Sneezing frequently and nasal drainage can be a symptoms of a virus called infectious bronchitis. Usually it will run it's course in a few weeks. Dusty feed and coop conditions, snd mold can also cause those symptoms.
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