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Need a little help

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I have a Rhode Island Red whose comb looks to be pale and also her feathers on her rear end are starting to get matted. I've had them since chicks and am only starting on my third year with them. Is this color natural or should I be concerned?
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It sounds like she may not be feeling well.


If her bottom is matted, then you need to try to clean her up.

A buildup of poop, especially in warm weather can cause problems.


Get a dish pan of warm soapy water, put on a pair of gloves and clean her bum really well, work the poop out of the feathers and then rinse. Check her vent and the surrounding tissue for any signs of wounds, broken skin, lice/mites and anything else that may be "off".



Offer her some vitamins in her water and make sure she is eating well.

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