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Eye issue?

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Hello all. I noticed today that one of my Brahma hens has a fixed pupil and the lens seems a little larger than it should be. No other swelling, discharge, redness, scratching or noteworthy discomfort on her end. Doesn't seem like an eyeworm - maybe an injury or infection due to injury? Should I treat with an antibiotic as precaution and make/buy an eye shield? (I already have oxytetracycline on hand). Any advice would be great - thank you all in advance! smile.png
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Blindness may be a possibility. This can happen due to infections, vitamin A or E deficiency, cataracts, avian encephalomyelitis (AE,) , and injuries. Can you post a picture of the eyes?
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Forgot to add that she's only a year old. I'll get a picture updated as soon as I can.

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An eye antibiotic ointment, such as Veterycin twice daily for 3-4 days.  

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Pictures of the bad eye - note there is some swelling and the fixed pupil. She can blink and the lens seems less bulging than yesterday when I first noticed.

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And there's her normal eye

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Also, not sure if it's related, but I also saw some swelling above the eye of another one of my hens and near her beak/sinus area. Not sure if maybe that's just a sinus infection? They're all eating and drinking great - no other signs of malaise.

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Her right pupil definitely looks abnormal. The pupil doesn't look as sharp as the left one. Sometimes an abnormal pupil may be a sign of occular Mareks disease, especially if the iris turns gray, but there are many other eye problems. Below are pictures of eyes with Mareks compared to normal eyes. Here are 2 good links about eye disorders:


220px-Ocular_Marek%27s_disease.jpg    Preview Image

normal eye on left                                 normal eye in middle



Preview Image 

Pinpoint pupil of Mareks 

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She was vaccinated against Mareks as a chick, which I know isn't always 100 percent effective, but still. Can it be trauma to the eye? It seems to have improved condition since yesterday.
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Oh no, that does seem to make sense actually because her iris changed color too. What do I do if it is occular Mareks? Is that form of the virus contagious among the flock? She's not a chick, so will she recover? Thank you for the pictures - they are helpful.
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