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Vent question

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I am new to raising back chicks and I have a little one with a swollen looking vent. She had some stool on her fluff so I cleaned her up, dried her off and put Vaseline on her vent. Right after she made a horrible racket and then had a bm. This is what she looked like after. Is this normal. Is there anything I need to do for her.
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Coconut oil is superior to Vaseline in that it has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, as well as soothing the pain better.


You might want to see if she will take a sip of liquified coconut oil if she peeps loudly when pooping. That would indicate she's struggling with constipation.

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Coconut oil is awesome. Our day old (now a week) had a prolapsed vent. We alternated applying coconut oil & preparation H. Swelling and redness is gone. Vent is starting to go back in.
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