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Babies and momma

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I have a momma rir raising 3 bantam chicks and today I noticed my other hens getting into her crate and ruffling feathers with momma. My question is. Should I move momma and babies to the new coop that I'm eventually going to integrate together with my others so she can raise her babies without fear of the others or do I keep her with them so she doesn't lose her pecking order. Thank u in advance for your help
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You know your chickens better than we do. What do your instincts tell you?


I have a hen sitting on a few eggs right now. When they hatch, I plan on giving the broody and chicks a coop and run just for them so she can raise them in peace and safety. This hen is a very assertive Speckled Sussex and I'm not worried in the least about her losing rank in the pecking order.


If your broody is so timid that she will lose her rank, then she may also be too timid to properly defend her chicks against any aggressive hens. So it would be all the more reason to give the little family their own safe space.

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So I went out this morning to find one of the babies missing. Momma rir was calling for her but she did not respond. Momma came back in and stayed with her other two. After deciding to move her and the other 2 babies to the new coop I discovered the missing baby she was stuck behind the crate and had died. I feel so bad. She is the first one I have ever lost. I hope momma forgives me and will be happy in her new home with her other babies
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We live and learn :jumpy Hope the rest grow well and that momma raises you another batch before winter hits.

Oh! and please, pictures?!

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