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Racoon attacked early this moring. I was going to bring her in in the morning to flush the wound. She is in shock I think and cant even rest on the roost (I want her to calm down before I attampt to handle her too much because of shock). We had to put down my main rooster (he was badly injured; throat was ripped open and broken leg). I was planning on washing her in a warm bath and flushing the wound with peroxide and water. Then triple antibiotic ointment. Any tips or suggestions? Also going to keep her inside or a while to help prevent infection and being picked on. See picture.
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If you have a box or closed dog crate put her in that. Dark place to keeper calm then in the day when she is active you can treat the wounds. You can dab peroxide on the wound.if you have any wound ointment that would be better or apply fruisone. Be careful of bathing her while she is in shock this is bad to do when they are freshly wounded. If you need to do so with a wash cloth or small towel just spot treating the area that need cleaning. Just with a dab of soap and warm water.

So sorry about your losses sad.png that's a hard ordeal to go through.
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