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Housing size and winterizing for Calls?

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I just acquired a pair of Call ducks yesterday, hatched 1 June this year.  I've had ducks before but they were standard/large birds and I had 6.  They shared a space with a few hens and they did well but I won't be keeping the new pair with my current flock of chickens.  I'm wondering what kind of accommodations these tiny ducks will need, particularly during cold, snowy winters.  From what I've been reading in multiple threads, they don't have the same requirements as chickens but I do worry because they're so small and I have only two of them.  Mostly, I'm wondering how large a space will be sufficient for them.  I don't use artificial heat or light but will insulate and feed and water will be kept outside.  Would smaller be better to contain their body heat? What's the typical square footage per bird?


I'd love to see photos of ​winter accommodations people have for their ducks, particularly from colder climates. 


Thank you in advance.

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Tiny Calls need a heat source...I have two that live with my standard sized Ducks...Mine live in a insulated Dog house with straw for bedding and the bigger Ducks heat it up very well...This fall I am building a better shelter for them so I can run a heat lamp for my Ducks...My Calls will not do well here in Alberta over our bitter cold snaps and blowing snow..You will need to figure out a way to keep those tiny birds warm...A small Cat sized insulated dog house would keep in the body heat but once you let them out. all the heat will be gone...Could you section off a space in your Chicken coop to house your Calls over winter? Not sure of your set up?


Best of luck

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Thank you for your reply.


I'm working on a new chicken coop as my current one is tight on square footage (thank you chicken math) and isn't really designed for additions - or function for that matter as it was not built for housing animals, let alone chickens.  I will rework my design of the new one to create a winter space for the calls in it with their own separate run.  Thanks again!

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