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So I'm new to chickens this year and I had a broody hatch 10 eggs for me in September. I made a pen inside the coop out of hardware cloth. I stapled on end to the wall, brought it out 2' then down about 4' and back in to the wall and stapled that end. Then added bedding food and water. I actually did this when she was sitting to keep the
others from sitting on her. So they hatched and grew inside that little pen in full view of the flock. Eventually I let them out and mama took care of them totally, includING when to take them outside, etc. They integrated with no problems. I did this again with 5 babies I bought from a friend. It worked as well with them except they don't have a momma so its been harder for them to integrate. They are 13 weeks old and tend to stay inside all day but the dominant one acts as the scout and goes out now and then.

That's awesome!