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Brooder size questions

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I caught the chicken 'bug' last summer when a neighbor gave me 2 hens and a hoop house. Now I'm getting ready for some new peeps which I have never done before. I'm all for bigger is better and want to build a brooder 'box' that will house 6 peeps until I can get a bigger coop constructed.


The biggest question I have - is there any reason why most people build rectangular brooder boxes, such as 3 x 5 ?  


I was thinking of doing a 4 x 4 for the sole reason I can get a sheet of plywood and have it cut in half, then 1/2 into 12" sections. That would be the base of my brooder 'box'. 


Am I missing 'something' by doing a square like that?


Thanks in advance for any replies from you masters. 



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Of course square is fine.  I think the reason we  may use rectangular for brooder boxes or any boxes is that  a   rectangular box is easier to carry around if it isn't as wide as long.   

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Thanks for the reply, SueT, and you have a great point there! There's a brooder box pictured on this website that I was thinking of doing something like. The top is removable so the whole thing would be manageable for me to move. Being only 12" high, the base would go through a door sideways. 

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The other reason to go rectangular is the heat lamp. One end is the warm end and the other is a cool down side. It is critical that they can not only get warm but also cool off.
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Thanks for the reply 21hens-incharge. I did think about that! I got most of my materials yesterday and decided on a 3x5. I will post photos in the brooder section when I am done. Peeps due to arrive around April 19

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You are welcome. Looking forward to the updates.

My babies are with a mama hen and at 45 degrees this morning they are running about scratching up a storm.
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