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Nesting boxes

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We are currently building our coop and we are wondering how big of a lip there should be on the nesting box.
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I find that a 4 inch lip works well.

This one is for my big gals.

This set uses dish pans. Super easy to clean but note the boards across the front..... Important to keep the dishpans from tipping. The height is also important so the dishpans cannot flip backwards.

I lost a bird that way. That is why I include the information. Maybe it will save someone else that guilt and heartbreak.

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It definitely depends on if you will be brooding chicks or just collecting eggs! If you just want eggs, it just needs to be high enough to keep the eggs in. Higher for baby chicks as they can hop pretty high! Hopefully your nests are fairly low to the ground though. Ours are too high and we lost two chicks from falling out of their nests. good luck!

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