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Built my coop

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House is 8 feet by 8 feet.....with 8 12 foot run attached.......the chickens can also go under the house they have a large free range area to enjoy too[IMG]Built my coop last fall ...finally got around to posting pictures [IMG][IMG]
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Cute door! We are currently building a larger coop (8.5x8.5) with attached run. I'll get a thread up soon. I'm searching for ideas. We are on slightly unleveled ground and I am deciding whether to bury wire or fold out along the bottom. What has worked for you?
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Ground was quite hard ..buried wire as deep as i could get it .....then bent it outfor a foot or so..
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Same here. It took a big rock bar & plenty of sweat from the hubby to get 16" for the 4 main posts of the coop. He does not want to do any more digging 😏
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