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 LF is shortened Large Fowl.

Oh, well not sure. I think they're standard size. I'm newer to all the terms. Just got my babes in May (1st) and June (5th). The cochins weren't in my list of breeds I wanted, they ended up being a surprise from my son because they were little cute black chicks he thought I'd like (my favorite color is black), turns out he was right, they're super adorable! :) But boy are they temperamental. They're the lowest on the pecking order of the bigs, so they mess with the littles more than anyone else. Buggers lol

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6 eggs today.  The Black Penedesenca that refused to come out of the tree was picked off last night. Probably by an owl.  My hubby thought he was being helpful on Sunday & let them out. 2 out of the 3 roosters went back in at night, the third one went up high in the tree where we couldn't get to him & proceeded to go there each night.  I figured his days were numbered if I wasn't able to catch him first.  Looks like he & I lost that race.

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We have 4 hens 2 still aren't laying 2 are, they are 5 mos old. They laid their first eggs a week ago Sunday and to date we have gotten 17 eggs (including 2 today)

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Found two maybe three more eggs that they hid yesterday one may be older and will be float tested. The other two we are sure are fresh so 6/15 yesterday
And today we got 8/15 plus 1 bantam barred cochin egg. smile.png one of our best days yet.
On another note one of our EE pullets has been having problems laying. I'm not sure if its her first but she has not layed many eggs if any at all and last night she had a soft shell egg break inside her while roosting(lucky it was bed check and we saw) today we examined her and could not feel anything but I'm worried. At bed check just now she has another soft shell stuck in her butt down. She will be getting a soak tomorrow to clean it up.

Please help if you've had any experience in these matters. As we are new to chickens this year and I am a very worried Momma. Feel free to PM me any advice would be appreciated. How do I treat her? I will take photos of the soft egg(very small and elongated) if indeed thats what it is and post tomorrow. The first soft egg was little more than membrane but anyway sorry please help if you can.
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6 eggs today :yesss:




4 eggs from the control group :cool:





1 egg from the free range chickens ;)





1 duck egg :love so glad they are finally producing some eggs :ya






Temp 82 F degrees :woot






Two chicks hatched and came out of the shell but one passed due to being too weak 7 hours later but I do have one more to add to the brooder tomorrow :) 

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9/14 yesterday.

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Hello everyone and great thread!
We have 10 pullets, mixed ages. Three have started laying - BL, WL, and a Silkie. Our little black Silkie, Fifi, started laying yesterday. She's 5 1/2 months old. Here's a picture of her egg.

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3 so far today, but I have a new layer! Quail, one of my EE laid this egg (tomorrow she'll be 5mos 1wk)!

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Wow beautiful! EE egg is it more blue or green?
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