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I knowest,  my girls would do that if! There is not enough venting (open windows  / reduces moister in the air) look at your girls. do their feathers look wet or kind of damp? I open there windows and it stop. don't kown if that what's wrong with your girls but it helps my girls. Good Luck

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I know my girls would twitch there heads if it gets to most in the coop. I just open a window and the twitching goes away? Dont know if thats what's wrong with you girls?  But it helps my girls. Good Luck!

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My silkied frizzled Cochin pullet twitches and one toe on each foot is just a stub with a smaller toenail. We have been thinking she might be special needs. Also her toes sometimes are bent backwards and it doesn't seem to bother her. What is wrong
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I just had a silkie hen her crop was really large and the next morning before I let her out I checked her crop because it should have been empty. It wasn't so I seperated her gave her only water and grit. I also massaged her crop several times throughout the day to try to break up food that was maybe packed. The next morning it was significantly smaller. The massaging worked. Hope this helps.
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