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I read someplace that garlic powder added to their feed also helps with the smell. I haven't tried it. It sounds interesting because it might also boost their immune system. Mint has a very strong taste and my ducks only nibble on it occasionally. I think adding any herbs that you have trimmed or cut back and let dry out in the sun would be great bedding additions. Lavender! Far better than throwing it away. It would act like a pen potpurri. They wouldn't eat it though.

If the stinky area is small enough, digging and working the old hay shaving into the soil really helps. The soil will be enriched, less compact with better drainage and airflow. Than spread a new layer of hay, sweet pdz and DE. I do this even in areas I have pea gravel. The gravel is still there helping with drainage under the surface but it does mean I have to with top with more gravel or hay.

The only time I'm really glad to be living in a dry climate is when I'm dealing with the whole duck mud problem. But, oh what I would give for a little stream or a natural pond! Good luck

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I run 10x20 pens.
3 to 10 ducks in a pen I have .
Tip 1 put a rooster or hen in there they will scratch an mix the ground.
Tip-2 we just toss in some straw or chip up some branch get that nice wood smell.
We have a goat pen with 3 hens in it and you can see no poop from the goats were the hens scratch
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We are in lumber country and can get pick-up loads of sawdust very cheaply and easily.  I maintain deep litter in their shed and turn it every week or so.  goes from smelling like poop to smelling like rich earth.  And of course I often top off with another layer of carbon material, be it sawdust, chopped dead leaves, shaving, etc.  Last summer I covered their entire run area with around 6 inches of sawdust.  It protected the soil and helped absorb and decompose the poop.  Usually I let my ducks run free, but occasionally I need to keep them confined to the run, when we're on vacation, for example.  Basically, more and more dry browns to balance out the stinky greens of duck poop.

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I have several lavender bushes, can I use the dried stalks in the duck pen?
After air drying the stalks the buds fall off and I am left with lots of leaves and the stalks, does anyone else use lavender or are the dried stalks too sharp and brittle for duck feet?
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