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I have dusted for mites/lice numerous times because the hens are full of broken feathers..  Then I switched to using the 10% permerthren spray.  It sticks better to the birds, and takes care of mites in the roosts.  The dust doesn't do that. Only time will tell, as in when the hens molt again, if they really had mites/lice or not.  Their feathers are in bad shape and I am waiting till they grow new ones. 

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This is an old thread but I have 7 wyandottes whose feathers look just like the one in the original post - their backs have downy broken looking feathers.  Is this a Wyandotte thing?  Mine chicks are 10 months old (this started about 6 weeks ago tho) and are eating and laying eggs - all of them.  They seem fine.  Any new folks out there with any ideas?

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I'm not a new person.  It's not limited to wyandottes.  I have many breeds and they all have it. 

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I started a new thread, have you seen that one?  "Broken feathers-depluming mites-mange-Answers!"

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