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Just like everyone else.. I'm super grateful for the poop pix.. oh yeah.. totally love saying that. :P It wasn't overly warm here.. so I'm just going to keep an eye out. Her poor little butt just looks almost raw when she runs away after squirting it everywhere. Yogurt therapy is definitely in the fixings for dinner tonight.


I've never been so grateful for a website, as I am to the BYC!!

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CRAP. I hope everybody is okay. I'm new to the chicken club and I have to say I'm happy to be a member because I know nothing about chickens and have three. I will appreciate having a reference now instead of having to google everything. That can be maddening. Anyway, I too have a bantam hen that only poops runny at night when she's roosting. One of you posted that they sometimes do this to cool down in hot temps. I probably should've read this before pumping yogurt down them and deworming. I tell you one thing. Raising chickens ain't for wimps. Thank you for solving this mystery for me. I'm sure I'll be seeing you all again.
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I'm new to chickens. The pictures are very helpful, thank you. I've seen some of the "oily and foamy" in the pen. Is that considered normal? I wasn't sure where the cut off was on the page. We have 16 hens so it's hard to narrow the culprit down. I did notice that the backside of one of my hens has a "dark trail" down it. What do you recommend? Should I isolate her and feed her regular feed and some plain yogurt? I also noticed her comb has some spots on it. Is that normal? Otherwise she seems fine, she's eating and grazing in the pen well. Thanks in advance for any and all help/advice.

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Thanks for the link on chicken poo. Of course that opened up another forum of sorts. Learned what I needed to know about diarrhea and what's the fix. Thanks, Grady B.
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My barred rock, Cleo,just sits in the corner and has watery diarrhea. A few days ago she layeda rubbery egg. Then layedanother just fine. But since yesterday she just wants to sit around and not join the others. Looks like she did not eat so I gave her some yogart with grapes.

Any advice.
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Now she is not eating at all. sad.png can anyone help?
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-Dawneebird- Do you have a vet who can treat chickens? I know their really hard to find but I had a hen with similar symptoms who passed away. She had vent gleet which I tried to treat myself but she only got worse. I wish I had taken her to vet and maybe she would be alive. If you can't take your chicken to a vet research vent gleet to see if that's what's wrong. If it is treatment is usually probiotics, baths and I think some ACV.
If you look at the world, you'll be distressed. If you look within, you'll be depressed. But If you look at Christ, you'll be at rest
If you look at the world, you'll be distressed. If you look within, you'll be depressed. But If you look at Christ, you'll be at rest
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