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CAN I get ALL of you who have yokohamas

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to post your bird pic.s here?
and then tell me what you like/dislike about them....please?
i want to learn all i can about this breed.....i have been to longtail fowl/longcrowers web page and brian reeder, but still hungry for more..................hugs thank you all.
i put my roos on a post here, will get my hens up soon........yippiechickie

my lawn ornaments lay eggs........  ﷲ
my lawn ornaments lay eggs........  ﷲ
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I don't have any, (wife has always pestered me about wanting some), but a great book on all oriental gamefowl is "Oriental Gamefowl" by Horst W. Schmudde.  The book is a bit pricey since they are only printed to order, but contains awesome color photos as well as alot of background info on Japanese longtails, long crowers, etc.  Just a fun book if you like Oriental fowl or all different chickens in general.

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Dragon if you could pm me your e-addy I will be happy to send you some pics of the ones I had. I'm on such slow dial up loading pics is a pain. You could post them here for others too if you'ld like after I get them to you.

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smile I have 12 red shoulder yokos yay!! they are only 3 weeks old but growing fast. I dont know anyone in NH with them,  Bonnie

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I've had Yokohamas. You can get them from Ideal, Cackle, Stromberg's and probably a few other hatcheries, so they aren't to hard to find if you just want pet quality.  Then there are, of course, (some) really good breeders on the longtail forums and here, etc.

What I liked, they are pretty.

What I disliked, they aren't cold hardy, they are flighty, and I have never had one go broody. If I was going to pick a longtail bird that I can get at most any hatchery, I would go with Sumantras or Phoenix over a Yokohama any day.  JMO.  Loved my Phoenix. They were friendly, wintered better and my hens would fight over the brooder box. big_smile Maybe it was just the gene pool...I don't know.

A young pullet (Red Shouldered Yokohama) I got from Ideal.

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Here is a picture of a pair of Red-shouldered Yokohamas from Murray McMurray or Ideal I can't remember.  As you can see in the picture they are very low quality/pet quality. 

Likes:  They were pretty and unusual. 

Dislikes:  These particular birds hardly met the breed standard, they were a little flighty, and very poor layers.

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Red Shouldered Cockerel

Blue Red Cockerel

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Beautiful geareduplyn. big_smile

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Wow nice tails! My one roo is a mess from too many other roos. but mine lay really well and did well over the winter. I didnt lose one and no frostbite. The new coop is still in process but the yokos will have there own wing and yard when we are done.

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I have always wanted some....... sad

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