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i have one very sweet loving dog the english shepard..tons of energy never stops..very in there own way..this pic is old now 10 months have to update

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 this is my English shepard his name is Dakota, he turned one year in oct 2015..very loving loyal dog.. always under my feet watching what I do ..loves to push the horses around from behind them.. watches the chickens and goat.. since we have him we don't see very many animals like we use too .happy but sad but he seems to keep predators away which we want.. very active happy all the time. good watchdog hears always wanting to be with you ..loved to run outside roam the property.. he loves to tell my other 2 dogs if I pet them he gets  in between us like hay im here.. love him so much so sweet never seen any aggression or bad behavior.. easy to housebreak.. just needs to do things stay busy...loves to swim in pond...funny when he gets dirty when he dries dirt falls right off his coat, love that aspect in this breed...he is a handful of activness but I would do it all over again>>> bought him upstate ny appleyard eng shepards hagaman ny good luck to all who buy one>>>>blessed to have him..thanks

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correction Dakota turned one year 2014 typo error lol loves everyone so far ....

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 here is Dakota again

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We have a small farm with chickens, goats, horses and guineas. We have two English Shepherds the one pictured Leo is an amazing natural herder with no training from me he watches what I want to do with the livestock and immediately jumps in to help. He was a handful as a puppy, destructive and chewing but after about 1-1 1/2 years he has settled into that once in a lifetime dog. He is protective when it is called for, but never forgets a friend. The best watchdog, and helper I have ever had. We also have Annie a tri-color that comes from a therapy line, she is sweet, willing and compliant. Smart as a whip, she also is a natural with moving around animals, and protecting her people and livestock. Just had a litter of 8 from these two and now get to experience the fun of puppies.English Shepherds love their people with devotion, and they do not like to be ignored. They love, love attention from you, and will always stay by your side. Linda

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