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Pullorum Testing Question

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How to I find out who is certified to do the test in my area?  Is there a list published with this information?   Thanks.  I am in Sussex County, NJ.

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contact your state's dept of ag, they're in charge of it all and can tell you which division within the dept to talk to (or go online, you should be able to find out everything you need on the state's site)

in Middle Tennessee
in Middle Tennessee
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here is your answer
(Current as of May 15, 2002 - This list may change as of May 2003)
Coerts, James     ((((((Sussex)))))      (973) 383-2258
Duvall, Barbara     (((((Sussex)))))      (973) 875-7040
Sliker, Arlene        (((((Sussex)))))      (973) 948-6451
Zaleski, Joseph     (((((Sussex )))))     (973) 786-5564
Casagrande, Jim* Atlantic (609) 628-2258
Fascia, Susan Atlantic (609) 965-6336
Maduro, Jackye Lee Atlantic (609) 652-2348
Ruf, Maureen* Atlantic (will test Gloucester, Salem) (609) 965-7115
Ruf, Norman* Atlantic (609) 965-7115
Coover, James* Cape May (609) 884-4614
Lauglin, B. Jay* Cape May (will test Cumberland) (609) 861-0382
Pettit, Clinton* Cape May (will test Cumberland) (609) 861-1996
Bauer, Sharon* Camden (856) 783-7591
Potosky, Rebecca Mercer (will test Burlington, Ocean) (609) 259-6470
Cranmer, Leroy  Monmouth(will test Burlington, Ocean) (732) 938-5275
Israelite, Debra Monmouth (732) 938-7450
Mariolis, Beth Monmouth (732) 264-5774
Gregory, Kelly* Ocean (732) 606-1531
Halligan, Ward Ocean (732) 928-7781
Passaro II, Howard Passaic (will test Bergen, Morris) (973) 728-3095
Bell, Penny* Salem (856) 451-1797
Keen, Elizabeth Salem (856) 299-5934
Faherty, Charles Somerset (609) 466-0592
Lucas, Michael Somerset (908) 874-7969
Schumacher, Nicole* Somerset (908) 722-5419

Palentchar, Jill Warren (908) 850-4696
Sodtalbers, Anna* Warren (908) 689-0290
Conroy, Larry Staten Island, NY (718) 966-2070
*Also certified to bleed turkeys for Pullorum testing. 
Turkeys may ONLY be bled for testing by those testers certified for turkey bleeding.

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gosh, how do you get certified for turkey bleeding? smile

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Thanks so much, I will start making calls.

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take the book course and pass it then, then a vet comes to your farm and has you draw blood from a turkey to make sure you do it right,i know in MN where i got certified i had the option of several different kinds of testing i am certified to draw blood,rapid whole blood plate test and hatchery debris

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