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How long can eggs be left in the coop?

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hi everyone - I was sick and didn't pick up my friends eggs this morning so they'll be sitting there all day. Still, I think they're able to last for some time without refrigeration, correct?

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Considering store bought eggs usually don't see a refridgerator till it gets to the store about 3 - 8 wks after it's laid sickbyc. You're safe. I pick up in the afternoon when I get off work. There are some days that I don't get home till around 8 o'clock @ night (overtime). By the time I get supper on the table, get everyone bathed, in the bed, chickens fed it's after 10 o'clock at night. I just leave them for the next day. From what I've researched they can be left for up to 10 days. I do how ever test all my eggs that I've  picked up like this. If they don't float they go in the fridge, if they do, they go to the dog.

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Unwashed eggs are good unrefrigerated easily up to a month and longer provided its in dry cool place. Once they are washed (which is always recommended before consumption) they should be immediately refrigerated. Washing removes a protective layer from the egg which makes it necessary to refrigerate it. Once refrigerated they can last from 2 to 4 months. Like the post above says you should always float your eggs!

-Worked at an organic farm and we raised free range chickens!<3

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And why, howcome, whyfor do we get rid of eggs that "float"?  I'm a new egg and I have a lot to learn.  I've never heard of this! ep   I too have an egg question for the byc wise one's out there.old  How long can a broody hen be off her nest for, before the egg or eggs are no longer viable for hatching?    One more egg question please.  I was reading somewhere that when you store your eggs in the refrigerator you are supposed to store them narrower, pointed end down.  Does anyone know why?  It never explained why, just said put the smaller end down!

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They're fine.
When I work I don't get them 'til the end of the day or even the next day.
They don't spoil but it's best to get them out before they get broken - if I leave them there too long that's what happens.

An egg that floats has a large aircell which means it was sitting around for a while(still probably edible, just old).

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Thank you Claud!smile

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Unless they are laying in the direct hot sun they'll be OK for an extra day.

There's a difference between not being safe to eat and the quality.  You can leave eggs on the counter for a month, sometimes more at reasonable temperatures before they begin to spoil.  But they begin to lose quality by the day.  The hotter the temperatures the faster they lose quality.


Chance favors the prepared mind.
Chance favors the prepared mind.
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I would like to add a question to this thread: We have a nesting box (made of wood, covered in a blue tarp to keep the water off) We recently had a number of hot, humid days where it was 30C (86F) but with humidity felt more like 39C (102.2F) also because of the temp I didn't even go out to the coop to get eggs. Some of the eggs were out there for about 3 days, of course I can't tell which were laid first but found 6 today. Does the Float/not float test always apply? like.. if they sink, will they still be considered good even though they've been sitting in a hot coop for 3 days? lol My instinct is to throw them out, but if they still might be good, I'd be interested to know. Thanks :) 

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I collect the eggs late afternoon everyday, they are completely fine. The sink/float is a great way to know if you have a bad egg...
sink=good semi-sink=eat soon and float=bad egg! This is the easiest method to remember and go by! Eggs sitting outside for multiple days with 100 degree weather is questionable. I'm sure they're fine but I'm not certain I'd eat or sell them! Were they in the hot sun?
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The coop is in shade for most of the day and the eggs themselves were laid inside the nesting boxes. All the shells are intact. It was just a couple days of heat that I was curious about. I did the float test and all eggs sunk straight to the bottom. I have put them in the fridge and to be honest, enjoyed egg salad sandwiches this afternoon for lunch... lol We only have 3 hens so I don't sell the eggs, but they lay enough for our family of 4. Thanks for the help, I appreciate it. :) next time I suppose I shall have to just drag my butt out there and collect them even if it's hot out, then I won't have to wonder! ;)

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