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Originally Posted by kareno View Post

Yes, I don't think she knew what she was talking about.... When you are at the hatching stage how many chambers do you typically flood to get what % of humidity? Any info would be helpful.
 I just can't believe 3 of 4 chambers flooded would only give 88% wet bulb reading. 
I get a wet bulb of 89 at 99.5 dry bulb which gives me 65% relative humidity with 2 chambers or less.
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Hi:  That helps, perhaps my wet bulb thermometers ( I tired 2) are off.  I know the dry thermometer is accurate, I purchased it through the science department and it's mercury not a spirit one.  Well they are hatching now, so I will see what the results are.  Too bad I have 48 Partridge Chantecler eggs, and 12 Wheatan maran eggs in there. 

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I was getting ready to fire up the marsh roll x I have which is about 35 years old and something was apart under the hood so I need to repair.

What I'm looking for is an illustrated part list so I can see what goes where.

The wires that power the fan are just hanging there and I just cant seem to find a place they hook too.

When I bought this I believe it was 250$ and I bought all the parts so I'm ready to repair even though nothing broke so far other then wafers wearing out from corrosion.


anyway if anyone still reads this thread and can point me to an illustrated part list or where the wires go I would appreciate it. I cant seem to find a picture that I can expand to see the parts I would certainly appreciate it.




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Not aware of any illustrated parts list still available. I do have a working model about the same age as yours that I could take pictures of and email them to you if you want to send me your email address in a private message.

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Update ...Well Ive been looking for pictures or illustrated parts manuals for a few hours and I'm still not finding much.

Plenty of info on the roll x but no hi res pics to at least see the wiring. I just need to know where the fan hooks up to the ac.

It has worked fine for 30 years till I messed with it LOL any HELP would be great thanks

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Hi There I just saw your note and thanks so much for replying... I have the old model with the water bottle in the corner. I need to see the wiring because for some reason I opened it and there are wires disconnected from the fan and I just don't see any hook ups. Coils power up so does timer. Pictures would be great I am in your debt. Thanks very much

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UPDATE: 12/30/2015:


Thanks Dave all worked out well. Chicks are starting to hatch today. I really appreciate your help.

It is amazing how this incubator just keeps on going.

I rebuilt the brooder last week so it should be good to go as well. Getting kind of cold here finally so I hope the heat lamps keep them going.

Have you ever tried putting a broody hen with the little ones? does that work?

Thanks again Dave Have a great holiday.


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Awesome! Glad to help.
I don't have any experience with a broody hen
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Hello there ! I also have this model and first time hatch cant seem to get the humidity level up for lockdown ...any suggestions HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!

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