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I know that many people have posted and you have probably already found your answer but, I just wanted to throw out there that I have had both Mini Rex, Rex and Mini Lops at one point in time. I would say that the Mini Lop was by far the best family pet. That is actually where it all started in the rabbit world for me. My family wanted a pet but we didn't want to get a dog yet because our last dog had just passed away a few months prior to this. My mom saw a lady with bunnies at the local fair I was showing at and she was dead set on getting one. My dad agreed and we went to a bunny breeder and found the biggest male Mini Lop that she had. We named him Buster and he is my baby! My friend also got one from a different breeder and she named hers Lilac. From my experience, I would say that Mini Lop rabbits are the way to go. I hope that this helps someone! Lol! Goodluck,