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Maybe this will help explain some of it. I also read that stress (predators, severe weather) can cause this.

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One of my Ducks laid a rubber egg!


Found it in the duck-pool, so it's probably not good to eat. But still cool....


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I had a chicken finally lay her first egg the other day super thin shell. Also today two eggs one shell less the other soft. Is this because she just stating laying and its either now. I'm in northern Utah so it's cold and less sun light.
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Just read through this and it has been so helpful! My chicken was acting very strange and all huddled all of a sudden even though she was fine 10 minutes before hand it seemed. they have recently been on antibiotics and neither of them have layer in a while. All of a sudden she puffed herself up and squatted. My other chicken took a particular interest in her and all of a sudden a shell less egg came out. I have Ben treating them to mealworms a lot recently and worried this has caused her to have a funny tummy. Is this correct or is this the beginning of her maybe laying again? Also, is it bad for the chickens to eat their own eggs?xxxx
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Today one of our girls took on a strange posture, her spine went vertical and 5 other girls gathered around.

She then laid an egg without a shell... or maybe a soft shell... I couldn't see because of the mob.

They have plenty of oyster shell, and their feed contains healthy amounts. 

What is going on ? Does she need to be culled ?

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Got my first one of these today! I was quite excited to find this rarity. I'd only read about them before.


I think it's one of the young pullets just getting old enough to lay for the first time. Just like a human going through puberty and trying to make sense of the changes in their body I imagine she was confused about what this new feeling in her body was and rather than wait for the shell to form she just got freaked/excited and laid this shell-less egg. It was in the laying box with a few other eggs. I'm just glad it didn't get broken or stepped on.

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Thank you all for your post. We are brand new to chickens (just a few weeks) and found the same thing with an older hen that came with our coop. If I am understanding correctly we need to give her some oyster shells to help with this issue? She has giving us about 4 eggs in the last two weeks she's been here, and the shells on those looked fine, they had some bumps on them, but otherwise looked normal. If there is something else I need to do besides oyster shells please advise. Thanks.
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I had an egg this morning with no shell and no membrane. I thought maybe they ate the shell but the yolk is not broken. Just looks like someone tried to fry an egg in the hay.
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I have three hens right now. All lay most days but one was broody for about 11 weeks! Finally found out about putting her in a dog crate out in the choke run and after 6 long days she finally broke. She's been laying since about a week after being let out again but has started laying odd shaped eggs with shell and also shell-less eggs. Two weird ones with shell and one normal shape very thin shell that collapsed and three so far with no shell at all. They have tonnes of small grade sea shell grit plus I even added some calcivet to their water, they get fresh greens daily plus all the garden weeds and a complete layer mix grain. The other two lay normal eggs.
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My hen started laying 10 days ago and all the eggs are a good size and shape and today, egg #10 came out without a shell. She took longer to lay this today as she usually lays in the early morning. Should I be concerned? 

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