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I had a beautiful mottled java (mongo) he is very big and ended up being a rooster and got aggressive my chickens cannot free range because of wild dogs so I gave him to my daughter in laws friend in burnett he has done great, they even walked him in a parade on a leash I have tried to get a picture but no one has come up with one, I tried to put a picture of him grown but it wont let me

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figured out how to post the pictures

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We have 3 Mottled Java.  We are hoping for them to lay soon.

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We just started with our Javas.  So maybe we can learn together!

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Awesome!  We have had a few speckled eggs from them.  Going well so far!

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I love my javas and they are so friendly
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And they are great layers too
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I had no idea they were endangered! Is that still the case? I picked up 2 pullets at tractor supply. They are about 10 weeks old now and I think one might be a cockerel. They are turning out really pretty but I really don't need another roo! If anyone is in the OKC area you are welcome to him, if he is a him!
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Yes, they are still endangered. you can get the more info here:


The good news is that they have moved UP from threatened, where they were during the last census, to watch!


Definition of watch: 

  • Watch: Fewer than 2,500 annual registrations in the United States and estimated global population less than 10,000. Also included are breeds that present genetic or numerical concerns or have a limited geographic distribution."


We have a small flock ourselves - 4 are about 10 months old and 13 are about 2 months.  The need for continued work with the breed is evident, because while the breeder I buy from has lovely, vigorous birds that meet the standard not just in feathers,, but in shape and weight, there is someone else local to her who provided some birds that clearly had genetic issues from too small a gene pool.  My two full-grown hens are from that other breeder and the shortcomings are evident even to me, and I'm new at this.  The great thing is that they are working together and the more experience breeder with awesome birds has provided a rooster to the other breeder to help broaden the gene pool and get rid of those issues.


What's great about these birds is that they are perfect for homesteaders and back-yard chicken owners.  Mine lay 3 to 5 eggs a week and they do a great job scratching up the chicken run to make compost.  The roosters are about as good as you can get - in other words, remember they are still male animals and be cautious, but they rarely are aggressive to people (mine only attacked me when I took all his hens away) and they are very protective of their hens and their chicks. They are also excellent meat, too, and because they are slow growing, even birds killed at 6 months can still be fried, if on a low heat. In fact, they are really meat birds that also lay eggs, rather than the other way around. In my backyard operation, I believe they will pay for themselves soon, because between eggs, meat, and compost, I think they cover the cost of feed.


With some work to increase their maturing rate somewhat (at 10 months my boys still don't have spurs) and to ensure they always come to full standard weight and shape, they could eventually be a little profitable as a meat bird, too - for the right market.  Right now they are mainly managed by homesteaders and concerned breeders. Until they reach the point that they are worth some money to the small farmer (like the Australorp) though, conservation efforts shouldn't be relaxed.

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Can anyone recommend a source of Mottled Java hatching eggs?  I found the Java Breeders of America Website but it seems that most of the breeders listed there are no longer active or don't ship eggs.  I'm just outside Philadelphia, PA. 

I've tried a couple times to start a flock of Mottled Javas but I guess I have always been too conservative with numbers and lost hens to predators. Right now I have a quality rooster but no MJ hens. He's not alone there's a RIR, Cuckoo Maran, and a Ameracauna to keep him company. 


Thanks for any leads you can offer.

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