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iv got the same probs.. to have got it pretty bad and went too week and over nite past away sadley.. il give all the tips ago.. i cant lose all of them..
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thanks every one for shearing your ideas and experiance..first timer.. just dredding what i might find in the morning..and the cold weather dosnt help ether
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Very sorry you lost some of your birds. Have the rest been alright?


I have two with chronic respiratory disease that gives them ongoing problems, but hasn't been severe enough to be fatal.

Chickens are a joy.
Chickens are a joy.
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Kale,gatlic,and olive oil fantastic remedy people i know still use the remedy for their owne alergies or just garlic and lemon juice to clear the palet makes perfect sence lol thank u. ?;~)¿
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could the cough have anything to do with a really windy couple of days?

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Could if there is alot of ventalation in coop or palen could also be a change of hay
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we recently added on to the coop to accommodate new girls.  the straw is the same we have been using, but we have had strong north winds for 3 or 4 days now.  She is the only bird coughing-sneezing.  I can hear the crackle also.  We swabbed her throat for gape worms but it was clear.  We checked her poop and is was just poop - no foreign bodies, etc. We kept her separate from the other girls for a night and then yesterday and after checking her we let her out and she was running around like normal and her appetite had returned.  We are going to check on duramycin or Vet Rx to see if that helps.

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Can I use Vicksome vapor rub on my chickens?
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